Mini Sessions

Encinitas Trail

This a great trail right in the neighborhoods of Encinitas. Easy street parking and close to the road. Tall trees and grassy areas if you are looking for something other than beach. I had a lot of fun shooting here last year and thought it would be a good spot for some mini sessions.

Coronado Beach

One of my favorite beaches in San Diego! I love this spot. It's so bright and fun. Kids like to run and play on the dunes so it makes for great shots. We don't venture down to the water for this session we keep to the dunes. If you are hoping for water this spot may not be for you but you definitely won't be disappointed. Book below to save your spot!

Del Mar 23rd Street

This beach is just simple. I like to do this spot at low tide so we have the fun reflective sand that just shines. Its great for the kids to run in and not get super soaked too. I love the simplicity of it. I specifically love 23rd street because there aren't as many people and it feels like we have the beach to ourselves.

Del Mar Dog Beach

If you don't mind a few furry friends running around this is one of my very favorite spots. The cliffs are beautiful and make for a great backdrop.